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I entered Vietnam in February 2012, started a company and invested in land and 2 houses. I have a residence card that expires 20/3-2015, and a passport that expires 11/10-2015. I will visit my home country in May/June and geta new passport. To the problem: I can not get a new residence card because my passport expires within 1 year. From 010115 you must have a work permit to get it, and that means you need new criminal records etc. Do you have any suggestions how I should solve this? Visa 3 months and then when I come back I can´t change my tourist visa to a residence card because of the new rules....I´m the director of my company and before I didn´t need any work permit for the residence card. Did someone forget about us that already was here?

Asked by Tony Madsen, 9 years ago

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From January 2015, for those want to get Temporary Residence Card will need business lience or working permit + guarantee of company they working.(you don't need give the criminal records because this is a job of Vietnam Ministry of Public Security & Interpol)

At current you have advantages to get TRC: own a business in Vietnam & have TRC before. So now you renew this TRC easily. You only have to extend the valid of your passport.

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Written by Vietnam Visa Support, 9 years ago

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