Disadvantages of applying for an e-Visa online

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Applying for e-Visa online may be the most convenient way to get visa to travel to Vietnam. However, there may be some drawbacks to this approach in some cases.

1. Technical difficulties.

There may be technical difficulties with the website or application process, which can delay or prevent you from submitting your application. Internet connection would be one of the major technical problems you may face with, so make sure your internet is good before filling the online form.

2. Language barriers.

If you are not fluent in the language of the country you are visiting, you may have difficulty understanding the instructions or completing the application form.

3. Lack of personal interaction.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may not be able to get help from a consular officer in person.

4. Increased risk of fraud.

There is an increased risk of fraud when applying for a visa online, as there is no way to verify the identity of the applicant.

5. Lack of flexibility.

If you need to change your travel plans, you may have difficulty updating your visa application.


As we just listed out, there are some disadvantages if you apply Visa online. But don’t worry, when applying for e-Visa with us, those problems are not the issues to deal at all. We provide such a relief to have a reliable way to apply for a visa online, without having to deal with too many hassles or delays. Offering the ease of use and the helpful guidance that you provide throughout the application process, we will make your experience in getting Vietnam Visa is a positive one!

- To us, language barrier is not a big deal. If you cannot speak English, we are willing to assist you in your language if you feel comfortable.

- Once you put wrong information, you cannot edit or change it. You have to apply for a new one. However, if you apply with us, we can double check all information for you before submitting, or even edit it for you if it is not too late.

 Don’t worry if you cannot talk to us in person. If you want to talk via the phone, please call +84.909.597.525, send email to visa@vietnam-evisa.org or Live Chat button on your right side. You can unbosom yourself with us, so we can advise you the best option.



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