Procedures when entering Vietnam with E-Visa

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Vietnam E-Visa is an electronic visa issued by the Vietnamese government to allow foreigners to enter Vietnam for tourism or business purposes. The E-Visa is valid for 90 days – multiple entry after 15th, August, 2023.

The Vietnam E-Visa is a convenient and easy way to obtain a visa for Vietnam. It can be applied for online and the processing time is usually very quick. 

You are planning to enter Vietnam using E-Visa but don’t know is procedures? Let’s check this information about the steps on how to enter Vietnam with an E-Visa:

  1. Apply for an E-Visa online. You can apply with us by filling the form on our website and make payment.
  2. After the processing time, we will send you E-Visa to your email.
  3. Once e-Visa was sent via email, please save and keep it in mobile device or print it on a sheet of A4 white paper.
  4. Present Vietnam e-Visa saved on a personal mobile device or printed e-Visa and valid passport to the immigration counter 
  5. The immigration officer will check your passport and e-Visa to make sure they are valid.
  6. The immigration officer will stamp your passport and give back to you.
  7. You will then proceed to the baggage claim area to collect your luggage.
  8. You are now free to exit the airport and start your journey in Vietnam!

By following these procedures, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free entry into Vietnam with your e-Visa.

In case you travel to Vietnam via airport and dont want to be in a long queue waiting for check-in, you can book our airport fast-track service.


Here are some additional tips:

- Check the information on the e-Visa carefully once you receive it.

- Arrive at the airport early to give yourself plenty of time to go through immigration and customs.

- Be prepared to answer questions about your trip from the immigration officer.

- If you are traveling with any prohibited items, such as drugs or weapons, you will need to declare them to the customs officer

- Always keep your e-Visa with you during the period stay in Vietnam



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