Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Some Difficult Nationalities - IRAN

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Today, Vietnam Visa On Arrival is one of best choice for travellers to Vietnam when they want to save time and money to get Vietnam visa at the airport. Howerver, there are some nationalities apply Vietnam visa on arrival difficultly. Iran is one of them. In order to get visa at Vietnamese airport, Iranian need more steps and fee than the other nationality.

Iranian Passport Sample


Vietnam Immigration.Org.Vn would like to inform that the Iranian can apply Vietnam visa online, please just pay attention to below notes:

  • Service fee is USD $220 per person. (this fee does NOT include stamping fee which is pay direct to Vietnam Embassy/ Vietnam Consulate)
  • Processing Time: 7 days
  • Required Documents:--> these need scanned and sent to us via email
    1. Passport photos,
    2. Returned Flight Ticket,
    3. A hotel booking ( if you need, we can handle this requirement for you)
    4. An Invitation ( if you have)
  • Received Documents: you will get a Vietnam Visa Approval Letter Code via email by us. However, you need come to Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate is nearest at your local to get Visa Sticker and pay stamping fee) Now, the Iranian can visit Vietnam more conviently and faster! :)

The Iranian can get Vietnam visa via Vietnam Embassy or Consulate by themselve, howerver we can help them to avoid a lengthy queue and procedure at Embassy/ Consulate which take them a long time in waiting. These problem do not ensure that they can get Vietnam Visa Appvoval Letter.

Should you have any support or our adviser, please feel free to contact email ! If it's OK, please send us Required Document above quickly and take a payment we will process it for you immediately!


Have a nice day!

Vietnam Immigration.Org.Vn