Can I get Vietnam visa at embassy with the approval letter code?

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Getting visa to Vietnam is quite simple and easy now. You can get your visa by contact directly at Vietnam embassy or arrange pre-approved letter code with us for visa pick up at Vietnam embassy. If you get the pre-approved letter from a travel agent with code for pick up visa at Vietnam embassy you can get your visa stamped at Vietnam embassy.

We recommend you choosing visa upon arrival, as pick up visa at the Vietnam int'l airport very simple, easy, no additional fee and no fail. Vietnam visa upon arrival is very convinient and legally as Vietnam now open for calling more travellers and business people coming to Vietnam.

Please click Here for getting the approval letter online with us.

We will arrange visa to Vietnam upon arrival automatically if no special request. Please remark us if you would like to get your visa stamped at Vietnam embassy or at any check-in point by road or sea.