Need Vietnam visa once Vietnam is a stopover on your way or not?

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Normally overseas travelers are required to have Vietnam visa stamp on passports to enter in Vietnam mainland except for visa exemption nations.

There are 2 cases which you have to consider once Vietnam International airport is a stopover only on your way.

In case is that you just transit at Vietnam airport in a few hours to wait for the next flight and don’t have intention to move out transit area, you don’t need Vietnam visa.

On the other hand, you need to obtain Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam mainland. It happens in case is that you have to wait for the next flight in many hours (about  6 – 8 hours). You would like to travel Vietnam in short time or find a hotel to take a rest. At this time Vietnam visa on arrival will be the best solution. You just apply visa online and get approval letter within 2 working days. We suggest that you should do it before your departure. Afterwards you will print approval letter and get visa stamp at Vietnam airport. Certainly you enter Vietnam normally with stamped visa. The shortest validation length is one month. Of course you must apply this visa type to enter Vietnam. Please remember that you are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam whenever you want in the valid period. For instance you enter Vietnam on the fifteenth of June and exit from Vietnam on the same day.

In conclusion you don’t need Vietnam visa as you transit at Vietnam international airport and stay in transit area only.

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