Vietnam Visa Exemption for more 9 countries will be validity soon

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Before travelling, you have to get visa first. In spite of having an open-minded in issue the visa, Vietnam visa still seems to be strict than the neighbor countries. So Vietnam visa exemptions is being planed as soon as possible for more 9 countries

>> Visa exemption for Vietnamese and Cambodian citizens

>> Russian visitors can be extend exemption time for Vietnam visa

Should be ”easy” for the entry ticket

According to Henley & Partners report about the visa exemption, Vietnam is standing at 81th because Vietnam just allows 47 nationalities enter Vietnam without visa. Meanwhile, Singapore is standing at 5th, Malaysia is 8th and Hong Kong is 15th.

Tourists think that getting visa is a procedure wastes of time and money. If their travel cost is over, they don’t want to come Vietnam or spend more money when visit Vietnam or even choose the alternative destinations.

The General Director of International Air Transport Association (IATA), Mr. Tony Tyler, said that Vietnam would lose a business chance, if Vietnam still keeps this procedure. Hence, the Vietnam visa exemption plan will help to develop Vietnam tourism near future.

Mr. Joe Mannix, Area Director of United Airlines, complained that Vietnam visa fee for American is about $40 - $50 while Vietnam is exempting visa for many travellers come from the other countries.

Vietnam welcomes 400.000 visitors each year in there thousands of international visitors, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Ky, General Director of Vietravel, said that the Vietnam visa procedures need removing or making more easily. He also proved that there was just few tourists had traveled to Vietnam before exempting visa for Japanese travellers. This number is even under that of American visitors. However, Japan becomes main tourism market nowadays.

vietnam visa exemption

Vietnam Visa Policy Map (Wikipedia)

Petition of Vietnam visa exemption for 9 countries

This petition is applied for traveller from France, Germany, Britain, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, India and Canada by Vietnam Transportation Department to attract more foreign visitors from the main areas. The Tourism Consult Council also sends official term to advocate this petition.

The Council explained that the tourists come from these countries often have high expenses, long-staying. The Australian and New Zealander visitor come from the potential market, which often take more income for Vietnam travel agency in low season. Meanwhile, Canadian is at 15th on tourist market of Vietnam. Especially India, the country has large population, will become an important market.

ASEAN tourists (expect Brunei within 14days) visit Vietnam without visa within 30 days. Dane, Norwegian, Finish, Swede, Japanese, Korean and Russian tourists have visa exemption within 15 days

That’s why the foreign tourists come to Vietnam increasing significantly. According to Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, from the first 8 months in 2014, over 5.47 million travellers come to Vietnam. It goes up 12%, compare with the time of 2013. There are 42% tourists who have visa exemption. Besides, Russian tourists increased 27%.

On the other hand, these international tourists bring to Vietnam large income. In 2013, there were 7.57 million people travel to Vietnam with the average expenditure was about $1200 - $2500 per people.

However, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Ky shows that this suggestion can be show in many forms. For instant, free visa for tourists who come to Vietnam or allow them get landing visa. For famous tourist agency, government should authorize them to make visa for tourists. It is also the way that Dubai applies to their tourists.


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