Vietnam Visa Information For The SWEDISH

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Sweden is a nationality need visa to enter Vietnam. The Swedish can apply visa at Vietnam Embassy or use Vietnam visa arrival via applying online then get visa at airport. This article provides some necessary Vietnam visa information and visa procedure for the Swedish want to visit Vietnam.

Sweden passport to apply Vietnam visa

I. General information:

Citizens of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway visiting Vietnam for up to 15 days are exempted from Visas if they meet the requirements of Vietnam Immigration Department:

  • - Visitors who intend to stay in Vietnam for up to 15 days but do not possess return ticket, ticket to a third country, or who travel on open ticket need to apply for visa.
  • - Visitors who intend to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days need to apply for visa. 
  • - The visa procedure usually takes about 2-3 days, but can be expedited upon request. 
  • - Visa application can be made in person or by mail.

If you wish to have the visa sent back to you by courier (such as DHL, UPS or by other express delivery services), you need to order the service in advance and the service charge will be at your account.


II . Office hours open for public:

Monday - Friday:please contact the Vietnam Embassy from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Tel.: 46-8-5562 1077, 46-8-55621071 for visa inquiries or 08 5562 1082 for legalization of documents, translations etc.


III. Tourist visa :

Visitors can apply for Single or Multiple entries Visa. Tourist visa is valid for up to one month and can be applied 6 months in advance. Tourist visa usually takes 2 to 3 days to process from the date the application arrives at the Embassy and 24 hours in using Visa On Arrival service.

Applicants are requested to submit to the Consular Section of the Embassy the following documents :

  • - The original and valid passport i.e the expiry date of the passport should be at least 1 months since the date of departure from Vietnam, and with vacant pages for visa stamp.
  • - One application form properly filled in with 01 (one) recent passport-sized photos attached (See the instructions). 
  • - Copy of visa approval (if any) 
  • - Visa fee.
  • - Return envelop.

IV. Business visa :

Applicants are kindly requested to submit the following documents

  • - Copy of visa approval provided by the Vietnamese counterparts/sponsors.
  • - One application form properly filled in with 01 (one) recent passport-sized photos attached (see the instruction).
  • - Original passport.
  • - Visa fee.
  • - Return envelop.
  • - Applicant can personally or delegate to the third person/ agency to make the procedures and get visa.
  • - It will take 02 or 03 days to secure a business visa since the above required documents arrive at the Embassy and take 24 hours in using Visa On Arrival service.

V. Diplomatic and Service visa:

The following documents are needed:

  • - Verbal Note of government 's employer, ministries, agencies or organizations.
  • - One application form properly filled in with 01 (one) recent passport-sized photos attached.
  • - Original passport.The diplomatic, consular or administrative staff to be accredited on Vietnam are requested to indicate the person and title they are succeeding.

This visa type is NOT applicable in visa on arrival, applicant can apply to procedd visa at Vietnam Embassy.

VI . Visa fee payment:

  • - It is recommended that the visa fee be paid in cash or cheque (to be sent with passport and application form by registered mail)
  • - Those who wish to pay the visa fee in cheque should add 150 kronor cashing fee to each foreign cheque (cheque issued by a foreign bank ) on top of the amount required for the single or multiple entries visa.
  • - Those wish to pay the visa fee in Swedish cheque should add 50 kronor cashing fee to each cheque on top of the amount required for single or multiple entries visa. Note: The above mentioned regulations are ruled by the Swedish bank 
  • - Holders of Diplomatic and Service Passport in official mission are exempted from visa fees.
  • - Holders of Ordinary Passports who travel to visit their relatives working at the Embassies or International
  • - Organizations located in Viet Nam should present the invitation letter and will be exempted visa fee on the reciprocal basis and if there is an agreement on gratis of visa fee.
  • - Visa fees vary, please contact 08-55621071 , 55621077 , 55621079 for further information.


  • - The above information is subject to change without notice 
  • - Please check your visa upon delivery and contact the Embassy within 3 days should the visa is found not to match your travel plan.
  • - The Embassy will do its best to help with with the most suitable visa, but the final immigration decision will be made by the Immigration Authority when you arrive.

For more information, please contact the Chancery of the Embassy Tel.: +46 8 55 62 1077/ 1071. Fax: +46 8 55 62 1080 , E-mail: . Website

Or contact us via email for free consultant. 

Source: Embassy of Socialist Republic of Vietnam - Stockholm Sweden

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