How to solve this problem with new rules?

I entered Vietnam in February 2012, started a company and invested in land and 2 houses. I have a residence card that expires 20/3-2015, and a passport that expires 11/10-2015. I will visit my home country in May/June and geta new passport. To the problem: I can not get a new residence card because my passport expires within 1 year. From 010115 you must have a work permit to get it, and that means you need new criminal records etc. Do you have any suggestions how I should solve this? Visa 3 months and then when I come back I can´t change my tourist visa to a residence card because of the new rules....I´m the director of my company and before I didn´t need any work permit for the residence card. Did someone forget about us that already was here?

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Hi, I am a Filipino ESL teacher in Binh Duong working under AIC. My TRC will expire on the 1st of April. I want to process the renewal on my own but what documents should I ask from my employer? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

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Do I need visa for 20 staying day?

Do I have to apply for a tourist visa if I will only stay for 20 days?

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B3 visa extension

I have a B3 visa that is due to expire in a couple days. EVERYONE that I have talked to in Saigon tells me there is a new immigration law coming into effect and that no one will know what it is all about until tomorrow at the latest. Many of them doubt they will even understand the new policy and procedures then. So, I am wondering if you know anything about it...? My goal is simple, extend my three-month, multiple-entry visa for another three months. Can this be done in the next two days? Thanks, Michael
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visa application procedure

hi, i am a Pakistan citizen and currently staying in malaysia. i want to visit Vietnam. what will the procedure because i didn't saw Pakistan on the list for online visa..thanks.
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